Enkei is dedicated to perfection and delivers the best in aftermarket wheels.

Custom aftermarket wheels are as much a part of who we are as the clothes we wear, the vehicles we drive and of course the performance that we expect. ENKEI custom wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged processes, rigid testing that must pass stringent JGTC Standards and unsurpassed manufacturing facilities. 
Enkei also produces sophisticated high-tech race wheels for a variety of motorsport, including rallying, drift, sports car racing and single-seater racing – including supplying lightweight magnesium Formula 1 race wheels to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. Enkei has been an Official Supplier to Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 1995.
Enkei wheels are proudly distributed in New Zealand by YHI.  Custom fitments can be ordered just for you.  To find out more contact your local wheel & tyre retailer or Freephone 0800 99 33 44 for the name of your nearest retailer.